Yellow Marks on Cucumbers Leaves, Insect Damage & Treatment: Neem Oil - TRG 2014

Yellow Marks on Cucumbers Leaves, Insect Damage & Treatment: Neem Oil - TRG 2014

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Yellow Marks on Cucumbers Leaves, Insect Damage & Treatment: Neem Oil - TRG 2014 I am worried about the bees. Does BT work on this. I rather use BT as it is safe for bees.
I've been trying to figure out what was going on with my cucumber plants but this may just be it. Would the BT soap also work for this issue do you think?
Thank you for your very useful videos, I am new 6o gardening and learning from YouTube channels so Thank you. I Just started a YouTube channel hoping other gardeners can advise as I go
I'm nearly 100% sure that it is not caused by spider mites but cucumber beetles. The leaves in the video are characteristic of the effect from cucumber beetles. When cucumber plants are getting larger, they are gradually resistant to bacterial wilt transmitted by cucumber beetles. The diagnosis is wrong, but the treatment is correct. Organic insecticides such as neem oil and pyrethrin are good choices.
Do you water before or after you treat the cucumber's?
Gary my tomato plants wilted after I sprayed my plants with neem oil i used garden safe brand of neem oil. I sprayed them and 5 hrs later I went to check on my plants and every single one was wilted. My entire garden. I hurried and rinsed them with water. Will they die?
Is there an encyclopedia you would recommend for garden plants on how to identify problems that occur on plants and what to do to get rid of these problems? I really need info on everything from starting seeds to the end. I just started on your videos and glad that you include information for newbies.

I almost killed my plants twice before I even got them planted outside, so I am glad I found your channel. Thanks
I need help!! Im not growing cucumbers but I am growing pinto beans and ive noticed these yellow spots too. however i did later on noticed under the leaf that there were peices torn off. i need to know whats happening
Does this work for pickleworms? They've infested my cucumbers in one garden. But I'm hoping this might be a preventative in my melon and cantaloupe patch. 😢
Does neem oil work for leaf miners or how do you treat it?
If I sprayed neem oil 5 days ago and my leaves are getting worse, is it too soon to spray again?
and then there is yellowing from sun damage and yellowing from over use of water.
What do think about using dishshop and water
My cukes got savaged on all sides! Neem Oil applied, and the next day, stink bugs right back on. Neem Oil, over and over; Not Effective on my Southern FL vegetable garden. Resorted to Sevin. Now the only bugs I see are Dead. And yes, we are eating. I really gave the Neem Oil a try.
Hi Gary, How tall should I let my cucumber plants grow? I never grew them before, and I have quiet healthy plants. They are now exceeding the 5' trellis and fearful of them breaking off . Thanks.
Hi Gary, I am being attacked by leaf miners. Do you think neem oil would help?
I have some black bugs with red spots on their backs on my cucumbers, are they good or bad?  thank you for any reply.
I'm seeing some yellow dots/streaks on my newly transplanted cumber, no idea what it is yet. There are no holes. So the neem oil should be done as a preventative?
Exactly what I needed to know. I'm a beginner and your videos have helped a lot! Thanks!