Yellow Marks on Cucumbers Leaves, Insect Damage & Treatment: Neem Oil - TRG 2014

Yellow Marks on Cucumbers Leaves, Insect Damage & Treatment: Neem Oil - TRG 2014

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Yellow Marks on Cucumbers Leaves, Insect Damage & Treatment: Neem Oil - TRG 2014 I need help!! Im not growing cucumbers but I am growing pinto beans and ive noticed these yellow spots too. however i did later on noticed under the leaf that there were peices torn off. i need to know whats happening
Does this work for pickleworms? They've infested my cucumbers in one garden. But I'm hoping this might be a preventative in my melon and cantaloupe patch. 😢
Does neem oil work for leaf miners or how do you treat it?
If I sprayed neem oil 5 days ago and my leaves are getting worse, is it too soon to spray again?
and then there is yellowing from sun damage and yellowing from over use of water.
What do think about using dishshop and water
My cukes got savaged on all sides! Neem Oil applied, and the next day, stink bugs right back on. Neem Oil, over and over; Not Effective on my Southern FL vegetable garden. Resorted to Sevin. Now the only bugs I see are Dead. And yes, we are eating. I really gave the Neem Oil a try.
Hi Gary, How tall should I let my cucumber plants grow? I never grew them before, and I have quiet healthy plants. They are now exceeding the 5' trellis and fearful of them breaking off . Thanks.
Hi Gary, I am being attacked by leaf miners. Do you think neem oil would help?
I have some black bugs with red spots on their backs on my cucumbers, are they good or bad?  thank you for any reply.
I'm seeing some yellow dots/streaks on my newly transplanted cumber, no idea what it is yet. There are no holes. So the neem oil should be done as a preventative?
Exactly what I needed to know. I'm a beginner and your videos have helped a lot! Thanks!
I was wondering what that was under the leaves. The Epsom salt hadn't done anything. I have neem oil on hand too. Thanks for the info
Thanks +Gary Pilarchik I just noticed this yellow on my Zucchini leaves this morning as I was tending to them and wondered what it was... Your video and Neem Oil advice couldn't have come at a better time... Cheers to you... 
Thank u.. it was wat I was looking to understand better.. thx
I dont know whats worse weeds or bugs.. I am OCD over them both.. and i can never beat either one of them...

Thanks for sharing the tips. this years garden i have been somewhat successful at controlling bugs with 80% organic stuff. maybe next year i will be 100% organic.

i only used Sevin early on to get control of some bugs killing my corn and ants making mounds.
I bought neem oil in concentrate from Lowes.  After diluting it, I sprayed all my fruit trees, blueberries, and garden with it.  

^ a neem oil spray recipe by the American Orchid Society. Every website I have visited for DIY Neem Oil Spray has the same amount and ingredients included:

1 tsp. neem oil
1/2 tsp. plant-safe soap (like Dr. Bronner's or something similar - less ingredients=better!)
1 quart warm water
Shake well, spray and use in the same day.
Neem oil is broken down quickly in water.
Here in Canada, Neem oil has been banned. Apparently not enough studies have been done to see the effects on humans. Assholes! take the best solution to insect damage and ban it.
Hello Gary, thanks for your videos I learned so much from you.  how much Neem oil per gallon of water are you using ???