TRG 2012: Curing Yellowing Cucumber Leaves with Epsom Salt/Magnesium

TRG 2012: Curing Yellowing Cucumber Leaves with Epsom Salt/Magnesium

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TRG 2012: Curing Yellowing Cucumber Leaves with Epsom Salt/Magnesium I will definitely give this a try. My cucumber has been yellowing a bit. Still new to gardening, as I’ve only had my container garden for about a month now. I’m hoping this will help, thanks for the tips! I always come to your channel when I have questions, I know I’ll return soon, wish me luck!
Thankyou Gary, my cucumbers have that same yellowing, so I am doing the Epsom salt again. Also, I am in Missouri, is it too late to start another cucumber plant? Thankyou so much for all your teachings, your my go to.🌷🌻
thanks. I saw white blotches spot or yellow blotches on my cucumber. will Epsom salt work?
So I live in Florida. My cucumbers were doing great until it rained for 13 days straight. Leaves are brown and drying out. Anything I can do to fix it? The cucumbers are about the size of small pickles I don’t want to lose them
Do you think cucumbers grow better in pots?
Question Gary, my veggies started from seed have about 8 leaves on them and one month old I’m growing them under a t8 light and my leaves aren’t turning yellow but crispy. Do you know why this is happening? Is my light too close and burning them? It’s mainly on my tomatoes and peppers but also cauliflower.
thanks for this vid hon
I think you also have nitrogen deficiency. Looks like they are heavily fertilized but yet too small. I can see they are starting to flowering but for me they are too small for their age. Lack of sunlight?
Will banana peels help my cucumber plant? :)
hope my cucumbers dont OD on the epsom salt lol because this spotting and junk on my leaves is making me crazy and its rapid too.
What causes yellowing of veins please?
im trying this today and will come back and let ya know how it did
What Time Is the Best time to spray the leaves? Can I do it during the Day? Thank In Advance Dawn H

My mom has yellow spots on her cucumber leaves. Is this the same thing or something different? Any ideas on what she could do or what it is?
How often do you need to do this?
why soak leaves? water only enters a plant through the root hairs, obviously, attached to the roots, underground. leaves of most any plant are only used for photosynthesis and wetting them does no good. just mix Epsom solution and water at the base of plant, getting the soil saturated. the only time you should spray any other part of a plant is with insecticide, or other pest control, if needed.
can I apply pumpkin seeds to cucumber? to help the cucumber grow?
thanks for the advice
Thanks for the tip. Will look for Epsom salt tomorrow.
Does the same thing happen to beans? My bush beans are developing a funny pattern of yellow blotches.