Saving Yellow Beat-Up Midseason Cucumber Plants

Saving Yellow Beat-Up Midseason Cucumber Plants

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Saving Yellow Beat-Up Midseason Cucumber Plants hi Gary
My cucumber was doing great then it started turning yellow and blotchy then i watched your video and used epsom salt besides liquid fish fertilizer 1 bottle cap full in 1 gallon. But its dying now all leaves are brown blotchy and dead dried wilting. What happened? Any clue?
Hi Gary, would you recommend fish fertilizer for the cucumbers?
how do you deal with cucumber Blight? should I tear out the whole plant?
Hey Gary, you talked about using Epsom salt. How do you apply that, do you mix it with water or work it into the soil?
Hi and thanks for the video! Aside from possible lack of water making plants not look so good, how are you (if any) battling stripped/spotted cucumber beetle or squash bugs etc? I've tried sticky yellow pads near the plants yet couldn't seem to win battle last few years both on cukes and zucchini plants. Aside from SVB on zucchini pests seems to do me in. Any suggestions welcomed!
We grew two pots of cukes with disappointing results. There were hundreds of flowers, but mostly male flowers. What happened ?
I was away for a week as well but Mother Nature dumped a crapload of water this past week. I cleaned up some of my plants today so I was glad to see your video to verify that I was doing it correctly.
always remember, plants only have one thing to do: that's reproduce. that means once the plant starts producing, keep picking. when it doesn't have fruits that make seeds, it will continue to make more fruits for seeds.
Thanks. That was helpful.
Hi. Thank you for your video. Do you use city water to water your garden? That's what we have but I'm concerned with the chlorine. What are your thoughts? Also I live in Southeast Texas and the heat is killer right now, is it ok to water them in the heat of the day? What are the ideal times in the day to water. Thank you!
I had about ten cucumber plants that were doing great until we got some unexpected rail, a lot of rain to be exact, Four and a half days. The last few days of the rain the leaves, close to the roots started turning bright yellow, that continued on toward the ends of the plants. Now it is turning brown around the root and looking like they are drying  out, Sense the drying out of the ground I've started watering them again, it just looks like the end is at hand. I will try and make a video tomorrow and get you a post for it
How often should epsom salt should used. Can it be used on a weekly basis?
My plants look horrible from about waist high to the ground and are very bare of leaves, so the stems at the roots are getting the worst part of the daily sun.  I'll try what you said about feeding them and also giving magnesium.  I did remove all the misshapen fruit so the plants could recover, but even though they are small, they're horrible tasting (BITTER), so I've thrown all the others away and am hoping for a comeback.  Thanks for the information.  I had read that once the plants get to 70 days in the ground, they'll do this and it's just time for them to be pulled up, but heck.... I haven't gotten ANY good fruit yet and they're just now really starting to put out the female flowers, so I'm following your lead and hope for more cukes this month and next.....that AREN'T bitter.  LOL  Thanks again!
Can you help me diagnose a growth problem with my cucumber plant? I planted cucumbers down here in Zone 10 in April.  I planted them is potting soil with a little bit of fertilizer (Vigoro dry 12-10-5) mixed in.  The containers are about 6 inches deep.  Since April, the cucumbers have sprouted and grown several leaves and some flowers, however they are only about four inches tall and have not put out tendrils.  Also, I had major white fly infestation that I have controlled with soap spraying.  The plants get about 6 hours of sun each day.  I water the plants about once a day, unless there is rain (hasnt been much rain since April, but now it is dumping rain).  The leaves are green, not too yellowish.  What do I need to do?  THANKS!  Love your channel.
Love to see people grow their own food god bless thank you
I am so glad I found this video and your channel! I am a beginner Gardener currently growing cucumbers amongst other vegetables.

My cucumber plant is maybe 4 months old and I begun the hardening off stage a week in a half ago and have been experiencing intense heat in Southern California, my cucumber plant leaves have turned seriously light green to almost yellowish and the little curlies I call have shrunken off :( I was advised in the beginning to detach the flowers to encourage growth In the rest of the plant but now I am unsure if I should continue.

When adding Epson salt how is that to be done? Sprinkle over the soil or sprayed with water? Also would compost tea work to save the plant?

Thank You again for the wonderful video it was definitely encouraging since I have been feeling extremely discouraged and lost at this point
Yes, I`m now spraying them once a week to prevent the mildew. Currently it seems to work well.
Thanks for viewing. Nice save on the green house cucumbers. A lot of times if you can take out the mildew/fungus the plants can recover. Preventative spray might be the way to go for the rest of the season.