Marchantia in Hindi

Marchantia in Hindi

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Marchantia in Hindi It is very nice
Thank you mam god give to happiness
Mam you are to .. good...... you are explained...every simply....thanku
Thankew very much mam .... Your teaching style is very nice
Nice voice maam.. It is helpful... Keep it up ma'am.. Thnkks
mam voice slow hai aur pic hilta hai
maim 1 qustion plz give me amswer???

1- why the senaginala can.t prodused the true seed????????
main you are right
Thanks mams
Thank you mam
I love your video meem bohot acche se samjhate hee aap tanks meem
Thanks mam aapne yah video bhuttt better banana hai Jesse H mai guide Mila
Thank u ma'am ... Nice explanation...
mam as upper part is called ad ventral part & lower part is called as dorsal part why it is opposit in case of Marchantia.......
Mam i want video on sphagnum and pogonatum in this series
Thank you so much mam
Thanx's really help us....
thanku mam
Your words are very clear mam