Life cycle of Plasmodium

Life cycle of Plasmodium

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Life cycle of Plasmodium Plz mam make a vedio for entamoeba histoletica life cycle
Thanqq mam!!!
I​ am doing a project on ​plasmodium falciparum ​mosquito's
In some of the districts in​ ​​Assam,orissa and Tripura ​ ​Plasmodium falciparum mosquito are found?

can any one tell where exactly it is found

I need to visit those area to gather data and other details
Thank you for awesome explanation
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Superb i understood very well
superbbbbbb mam.... understood verywell..
it is very very nice easy to understand.
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superb nd....good explained
superb nd....good explained
superb nd....good explained
P.ovale causes benign sub tertian malaria isnot it?
sub phylum - sporozoa
plz crrt it
Thank you so much mem