How to Treat & Prevent Fire Blight in Your Organic Orchard

How to Treat & Prevent Fire Blight in Your Organic Orchard

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How to Treat & Prevent Fire Blight in Your Organic Orchard I have a pear farm in Egypt and suffers a lot from fire blight.
Can you recommend me and chemicals as treatment or prevention.
Thank you
Sir plz give ur whatsaap contact
My crabapple has dry, brown leaves all through it. We haven't gotten a heavy rain in some time and I haven't watered it because it's been in the ground 5 years already and I thought it was established and could fend for itself. Other than that, it doesn't have the crook stems resembling a hook, nor are they black, it doesn't have cankers on the stems or anywhere else on the tree, and there's no oozing anywhere. Could it still be fireblight? Or could it be what I initially thought, which is water deprivation?
I've had tremendous success with OPTICOP, which I got from my gardening center. For my one pear tree I applied it heavily and repeatedly with a spray bottle. I make the branches drip. There has been no problem for over two years. The garden center staff recommended Opticop very highly. It was a little spendy but the bottle dilutes into several seasons of spray. I measure for the solution very accurately.

Also, sterilizing your tools can be done with a spray bottle. If you use bleach, you need not use it straight. A 25% solution should be fine. Any brand of bleach will do. Just regular bleach. If you like rubbing alcohol, then put that in a spray bottle. No diluting necessary. I saw on Youtube where a man did his tool sanitizing with Lysol spray. This has worked for me very well.
When finished, remember to lube your sanitized tools with WD•40.
Is fire blight and peach leaf curl a big problem down here in Southern California? Does fire blight also infect peaches and plums too? Would you advise spraying horticultural oil's and fungicides together in the same solution when spraying trees and even before there are any signs of diseases on the trees, just incase?
Great video! I just bough a house that has two fruit trees and this weekend I noticed the apple tree was looking sick. I think this video is going to help me nurse the tree back to health.
Great video! Can you please make a video on Japanese Maples!
HA!  I just did a similar video on blight, I have 2 infected pear trees and used streptomycin, your tips are all right on, I should have been spraying when they were dormant and at first sign of budding.   Thx for the share Trish, I will pray for your trees they look worse off then mine. God bless.