How To Spot Cucumber Beetles And Bacterial Wilt - Garden Pests And Diseases

How To Spot Cucumber Beetles And Bacterial Wilt - Garden Pests And Diseases

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How To Spot Cucumber Beetles And Bacterial Wilt - Garden Pests And Diseases I have read that neem oil over time can sterilize males. I would use precaution.
I got Dr Bromers Peppermint soap from Target and mixed about a quarter cup to 1 gallon, in my sprayer, and sprayed all my plants after seeing a lot of striped beetles. after 1 day I rarely saw a beetle. Super happy with Dr Bromer.
dr bronners castile soap or sal suds mixed with neem oil under and over leaves. once they get into the roots i dont know what to do. cut off the wilted parts and discard them away from your compost to prevent it from getting back in. when i findout about how to treat the root feeding larve i will be happy to share.
Spray every day with Neem oil and dish soap. Set traps... they are cheap. I may net my garden next season... a very nasty pest!
I had the beetle, but got rid of them with pesticide...I am now seeing the wilt, but do not have the beetles... what should I do with the stems that have the wilt? This is my fist attempt at gardening and everything is new!
After watching your video I got all paranoid about bugs. I haven't gardened in almost a decade and thought I'd start a little pumpkin patch to keep myself busy. I like to watch things grow and I like seeds and pumpkin bread, Anyway your video got me thinking I should be a little smarter and educate myself more. That's what you tube is for, so I thank you:) Now I can be prepared :)
Should I watch for these on my pumpkins? They're squash, right?
Have you looked into neem oil?
dust with diatomatious earth, as far as the vine boarer moths, id fill up a sprayer with dish soap and water and try to spray them outta the air or when they land, and keep eye on ur stems for signs that they have bore in, cut them out spray with dish soap water and dust with diatiamotious earth
I've got the same knife

guy on you tube says a trap crop with amaranth plant.
The beetle that causes the disease is known to feed on corn plans. Plant your cucumbers as far as you can from corn. I am using a regular pesticide to combat the beetle.
1 quart water 1 tablespoon neem oil and 1 teaspoon of dawn blue dishsoap as an emulsifier in a spray bottle. Mist over leaves once or twice a week. Also aply d.e around the base of the plants. Works pretty well for me.
Thank you!
2tblsps hot sauce in a gallon sprayer of water  will get rid of any type of bad bug 
My cukes are/were infested with mexican bean beetles.  By the time I figured out they were pests, it was pretty bad.  I feel like its almost too late.   I have been hand killing the bugs and eggs.  Thanks for the wilt tips.  I am going to go try the simple test. 
You're welcome. Could be cut worms as well if it's seedlings. This year a groundhog ate all my cucumber plants once they got big enough to flower.
Thanks for the information. I don't have any squash to speak of this year, but will keep it in mind for the future.
I put a squash bug in a large water bottle. There was one adult and lots of baby's on the leaf. I sprayed with soap, Rosemary, and baking soda for fungus. The baby's die but not the adult. They must have hard shell. The solution will only work on soft body bugs. It work on white flies and dose seem to keep the fungus down. I spray after each rain.
It's interesting you mentioned tomatillos. I accidentally killed a nice tomatillo plant last year with the natural bug spray I bought at the store to kill the bean beetles.