Fusarium wilt on orchids - boiology, symptoms, management and chemical control

Fusarium wilt on orchids - boiology, symptoms, management and chemical control

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O que usar para eliminar ou combater Fusarium ? Pode me responder ?
What about the tea method. . . , would that help? Or is it a temporary solution only?
I don't want to use kindle, or any other forms of electronic reading. Can't I just purchase your book itself? I prefer opening pages for answers, it's much more faster for me!
what's the name of that on 9:28 please and is it an orchid ...
Should I worry if I had plants sitting next to an infected plant for a few moments? Also how far should I keep them separate? The infected one is on a table in my living room, but its one of those open wall rooms, so you can see from the kitchen to there. All my other plants are in the kitchen, and there's a ceiling fan between the 2. Should I worry that the spores could of traveled to those other plants or am I being paranoid? xD Thank you for these helpful videos.
omg thank you soooo much for this video.
there was so much Information that I could not find and wanted and needed to know to truly effectively treat my plants. I subscribed immediately to your channel. again thanks so much.

I'm verry new to orchids
I had 4 phals and 1 den. kingianum
and I unknowingly mistreated them for years.😕
last month I started to read and watch videos to give the proper care for repotting and keiki care and started to learn about rootburn and diseases and try to me vigilant in hygiene and sterilizing tools and work space.
I got the orchid bug and love the varietys' therefore I bought 8 new all different kinds of orchids from flowershops nurseries and hardware stores and grocerie stores.

sadly 6 out of 8 are sick or in bad conditions. 2 had snails 3 have a verry bad case if root rot 1 has 1 phal has suspected fusarium and 1 has confermed fusarium. and now I suspect my old phals have fusarium too😭

a quick recap of advise just to make sure I get it right.

1 - I have to spray all new plant when I repot them from the roots to the leaves just to make sure.
2 - if i repot old plants I do the same and

3-  for the ones I suspect they have fusrium can I just spray the leaves or do I have to get them out of there pots and do the roots to ?
because my phals will survive that but the new miltassia has bad roots and I'm afraid she dies if I unpot her again. (that would be the 3th time in 3 weeks then)  is there another option for the miltassia ?

ps can i send you a picture of my suspected phals either via email or Facebook. I would really like and expert opinion on them.

anyway I'm really apriciative if all your info
and when if I have the spare reserves I will buy your book. (I bought to much orchids and supplies and went way above my budget oops) but I will get round to it. please keep people informed don't pay attention to the haters or the ones who choose to be ignorant about it. your making so much of us happy by sharing your found information. I guess it will save many orchids. ❤❤
I got some propiconazole to treat fusarium, but the instructions don't mention how much to apply for orchids or for fusarium. Any suggestions on how to figure this out? I know you used 1 ml of Topsin per liter of water. Is that a pretty safe dosage for other chemicals as well? Sorry, my instructions just say 2-24 ounces for 100 gallons, so they are not very helpful.
do you soak the roots with the fungicide too??
I just cut the rhizome on 3 different oncidiums and one had a slight purple ring and all 3 of them had orange colored flesh in the center... what does this orange flesh colr mean? I didn't want to rip other plants out of their pots and cut them after that...
I found a Vanda orchid for sale with lovely flowers but the stem had blackening on it and some of the roots coming out from the main root were very black. What would cause this and if it is in the main stem, will the plant likely die?
you used 3 different fungicides, how long between each treatment, and for how long did you have to treat your orchids? also, the plant doctor is not available and they said they might not be getting it back in. Thank you for great information
I was wondering if the fungicides in your ebook can be shipped to the UK.? It doesn't look like it from my research online!
I need a little help please. In your description you list your second treatment as Ortiva 250, azoxystrobin based, and the link for an amazon product is for spectracide Immunox, which contains Myclobutanil. I am looking for an azoxystrobin product in the US that doesnt cost a lot of money and all I can find is Heritage G which starts at about $100. Is Myclobutanil equivalent to azoxystrobin?
Hi, thanks for the information. :) I will try these fungicides if I see I need to.
Great video, Ana Maria! I appreciate the time, effort and dedication you put into researching this topic. Thanks for sharing all this information! 👍😊
I just can't understand how you and Danny have so much fusarium issues, while I, living in the same area, having orchids from exactly the same sources, have absolutely no problems with it. In my 6 years of growing orchids and 150 orchid collection I have lost less than 10 plants, all of them small back divisions, seedlings or plants that I have bought in really bad shape in an attempt to save them. In 3 or 4 of those cases maybe I can blame fussarium for their demise. The rest are fine, plump, growing, blooming, even the ones that I have received from you dehidrated and without roots. They have fusarium? I don't know, because I don't test them unless I have a reason to worry, but even if they have, they don't seem to care.
So I cannot help thinking that maybe there is something about your enviroment, watering regime, or about the inorganic medium that helps fusarium take over the plants. Or maybe it is just a way to find o culprit in cases that go bad for some other reasons.
Great video and at last there is hope to save are orchids.I will save this video and keep. Thank you Ana Maria.
great video. thanks for sharing all this information and all the time put into research. xx
Thank you for information! I will by the book!