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FUSARIUM WILT - DANGERS TO HUMANS, ANIMALS & PLANTS Thanks for sharing. This is great info. I had a few of my orchids that I placed really close together die recently and was wondering what could have caused it. This is definitely a possibility :-(
Thank you so much for sharing! As a medical student thank you also for saying that Fusarium can be dangerous for humans too! I'm trying to save one of my vandas from Fusarium!
(Again, your outfit is just sooo classy!)
I've been to Dockers no one helps I tell them I have a infection but they just won't listen
where do I get treatment for it and test for it, I've had health issues with lungs bones and mussels for a very long time
I've had a blocked nose for 4 weeks now it gets worse wen I smell my plant, it's dangerous to health to I'm fkt, and plants are to.
holy guacamole this comment section! I love, I mean absolute LOVE when anyone contributes anything to the hobby. Especially in regards to disease, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and risk factors. If every grower who utilizes YouTube.com and has dealt with Fusiarium would make a video, imagine how far in the hobby we would progress. Academics have not spent much researching Fusiarium within the ornamental orchids, so, it is up to all of us, to let each other know what we learn and experience so we may establish a baseline which then will lead us closer to a cure. I'm thankful for you, missorchidgirl, and every single orchid geek out there who steps forward to help move us to a better understanding. Thank you Maria! 🌺🌴👍❤
When I first started getting into Orchids one of my catts had it. At the time information wasn't available, meaning smart phones. I thought it was strange to see my plant with an internal purple rhizome. I'm quite sure that some of the Orchids that you get from these big box stores have traces of it. Not saying that they do but you never know.
Thank you for sharing this AMAZINGLY information to us! While I watching your video I created orchid grades.YES, orchid grades!:
A.Able to bloom and grow in you environment
B. Blooms for you without having haste
C. Can grow at least a new leaf
E. Endures root rot
F. Fasurium

Now with this information I am going to assess my orchids!
By the way, I LOVE all your FANTASTIC videos! 😊
Oh, thank you for remembering my video, Maria. :) And thank you for providing more information on the topic and encourage people to do their own research. The information is out there. :)
:)) after being slightly accused of over reacting and making these videos for views I always edited out the dangers to humans, but luckily there is the wikipedia article I linked to that talks all about transmitting to humans.. Glad you're tackling this subject despite people's reticence to truth. What better way to lose a battle than to under estimate your opponent?
You and MissOrchidGirl are my main mentors for orchid culture. I am so happy to hear that you two are communicating.
I'm dealing with my first case of fusarium. The leaves on one of my dendrobium phalaenopsis started turning yellow for no apparent reason. I cut off an older cane and a purple ring can clearly be seen on the rhizome. I treated the orchid with fungicide and it doesnt seem to be helping. Its been about two weeks and the orchid has lost all of its leaves and the newest cane has started to yellow. I think the fungicide was too late to help this orchid, but I'm at least hoping it prevents it from spreading to the rest of my collection. I have three other dendrobiums that came from the same vendor that also show signs of diminished vigor. I will be keeping a close eye on them.
With cooked foods. Wouldn't cooking kill fusarium?
Well I just want people to be as healthy as they want their orchids to be. Safety first for us and our orchids.
BRAVO, Maria... Any nursery/distributor who is well aware that they have this fungus in their inventory should inform their customers of such... along with informing them of what measures to take in order to help not spread it to other orchids... mainly (but not limited to) by not sharing water.
All I am saying is wear gloves if your handling fusarium.
AWESOME! Thank you! 😃
Thank you for this very informative video my friend. Had no idea if could affect us as well 😳. Side note: loving your hair. Beautiful as always. Have a lovely day!
Oh my god, i never even knew it could affect us! Thanks for making me aware!